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How do I file an injured spouse claim (form 8379) with Turbotax?
A2A but I have no idea you should call TurboTax support but my guess is theywill say you canu2019t. TurboTax is designed for the 80 of tax returns that arepretty simple and straightforward. Injured spouse relief does not fit thatdefinition.
How can I add a dependent in my spouse DS160 form?
I assume you are applying for some visa to spouse i.e B2 H1B or L1B. You needto fill separate DS160 form for each individual but can apply for interviewtogether.
Do narcissists view their spouses as a form of valuable possession than anactual loved one?
It changed as time went on. I was treated as if I were worth something and astime went on it changed. I was only worth what he could get out of me. As aspouse he did not love me but I was also not viewed as a valuable possession.You take care of valuable possessions. You donu2019t hurt people you love. Youdonu2019t use a valuable painting as a dart board. Hard to explainu2026..he used me toget what he needed. He saw me as worthless. It was what he got out of me thathe wanted. He saw me as a pill that provided relief from pain. He didnt lovethe pill he liked how it made him feel. You donu2019t u2018ownu2022 a pill you use itand itu2019s gone. I gave him less and less as time went on because he took myconfidence my happiness my spirit my freedom away and he had to work harderto get what he wanted from me. He became even crueler more abusive and I wasdrained and confused. All I felt was fear of him. I left him. But Narcissistsnever let anything go without their permission. He is the one in control hemakes all the decisions he is in charge and leaving him was not allowed. Sowhen I left he had to punish me and make people believe he had left me becauseI was crazy. It was all my fault. He has never stopped telling lies to peopleand making them blame me. He will never stop punishing me. He still believeshe is perfect and highly respected.I know itu2019s hard to understand. Itu2019s hard for me to believe I allowed it tohappen.
What do I do when my form I-130 is taking so long? Can I apply for for atourist visa to go visit my spouse while my form I-130 is pending?
To obtain a tourist visa you must overcome the presumption of immigrantintent for example show that you have sufficient ties to your home countrythat you will return from your visit.Once you have filed an I130 you have expressed immigrant intent. Unless youhave a very good history of travel to the USA andor Europe and returning itwill be just about impossible to get a tourist visa and even then it is hard.It is not impossible just very hard to get. I recommend you join theVisaJourney Your US Immigration Community VisaJourney forum and learn whatyou can do to expedite.
What should I write in the UK spouse visa application form under the field ofwork? Should I write yes or should I write no where the form is asking aboutif you are intended to do a job in the UK?
Answer it honestly. Its just a question they have to ask.
Starting a business together, should spouses specifically form a legalpartnership? Do the high level of trust, happiness, responsibility, and long-term stability (20+ years) between them make a difference?
Yes. Treat it like any business. Do not make assumptions. Write your plans andgoals and responsibilities down.As a note professional investors donu2019t like to invest in founders who aremarriedcouples.
Can spouses fill separate forms of DV?
yes. you need to pryour spouse and all children name at time time ofform submission. apart from that if you want and if your souse if eligiblethen you can fill a separate form on your spouse name . In fact you must fillform on your spouse name if she or he is eligible . it will double the chancesof winning DV lottery. if your child is older that 21 years then your childneed to fill separate form.you can watch this video for more information
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