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14135 Form: What You Should Know

Form 14135 for Application for Certificate of Discharge of a Federal Tax Lien.

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FAQ - Form 14135

Which language is the oldest language of the world?
I have recently answered a similar question like this about the Top 10 Oldest languages in the Indian subcontinent: Tamizh Mozhi's answer to Which Indian language is most ancient? Answering questions like this is quite one of the most difficult tasks; And most importantly, I have encountered many videos in You-tube which are posted without proper linguistic, scientific and historical backings.As the Questioner asku2019s about the Top 10 Oldest languages, I am going to strictly avoid Mythological and Pseudo-linguistic claims, and going to answer this question on the basis of proper Archaeological, Historical & Linguistic data, specifically !Languages have rich histories and cultures as they emerged as forms of Communication. Communication is thought to have originated in Prehistoric times when Man could only convey his ideas by actions, sounds and pictures. Theories suggest that the need for verbal communication arose because Men formed group to hunt, creating the need to Communicate.This is a list of languages I have arranged by the approximate dates of the oldest existing evidence of the language. I have strictly avoided to include languages like Vedic Sanskrit and Avestan which has claims of having Oral tradition for some 2500 years.SentineleseThe language of the Sentinelese people living in the Sentinel Island of Andamans.Maybe a distant Austro-asiatic language.A Language Isolate.May be 40,000+ or 60,000+ years old.2. Sumerian languageA language isolate.May be 6000+ years old.Early Inscription: Kish tablet, dated to 3500 BCE.Early writing system: Cuneiform script.Current status: Extinct.3. Egyptian languageA Afro-asiatic language.May be 6000 years old (may be older than Sumerian).Early Inscription: Narmer Palette, dated to 3300 - 3100 BCE.Early Writing system: Egyptian hieroglyphs.Current status: still used as a sacred language in the form of Coptic language.4. Akkadian languageA Semitic language in the branch of Afro-asiatic language.May be 5000+ years old.Early Inscription: The earliest known Akkadian inscriptions was found on a bowl at Ur, addressed to the very early pre-Sargonic king Meskiagnunna of Ur (c. 2485u20132450 BC) by his queen Gan-saman, who is thought to have been from Akkad.Early writing system: Cuneiform script (adapted from Sumerians).Status: Extinct.5. Elamite languageA Language Isolate.May be 5000+ years old.Early Inscription: Tablet with numeric signs and script. From Teppe Sialk, Susa, Uruk period (3200 BC to 2300 BC).Early writing system: Elamite cuneiform (adapted from Akkadian).Current status: Extinct.6. Hittite languageIt is one of the Anatolian languages and belongs to the Indo-European language family.May be 4500+ years old.Early Inscription: Anitta Inscriptions (dated to 1700 BCE)Early Writing system: cuneiform.Status: Extinct.7. Greek languageAn Independent branch of the Indo-European language family.May be 4000+ years old.Early Inscription: Linear B tablet (dated between 1450 - 1350 BCE).Early Writing system: syllabic script.Status: 13 Million people speaks Greek as their language.8. Luwian languageAn ancient language within the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European language family.May be 4000 years old.Early Inscription: Hieroglyphic Luwian monumental inscriptions, Cuneiform Luwian tablets in the Hattusa archives (dated to 1400 BCE).Early writing system: Written in a hieroglyphic script known as Anatolian hieroglyphs.Current status: Extinct.9. Chinese languageA Sino-tibetan language.May be 4000 years old.Early Inscription: Oracle bone and bronze inscriptions from the reign of Wu Ding. (dated to 1250 BCE)Early writing system: Written in an early form of Chinese characters.Status: 1.2 Billion speakers worldwide.10. Ugaritic languageA Northwest Semitic language.May be 3500+ years old.Early Inscription: Tablets from Ugarit (dated to 1500 - 1200 BCE)Early writing system: Ugaritic script, a cuneiform.Status: Extinct.
What is the world's oldest language still spoken today?
Yes guys, thanks to the one who asked this question. Tamil is the one which is the oldest in the world dating 3800 BC by the recent temple incriptions in northern Africa.The reasons why I say Tamil as the oldest language is that:All the languages have a difference between various dialects like ka, kha, ga etc. Unlike those, Tamil had a primitive form in which all the sounds like ka, kha, gha and dha, tha shared a same alphabet. If this could not have been the oldest language, then it could have borrowed some alphabets like other languages did. But many people foresaw Tamil had primitive way fof scripts and came forward to develop with more variety in dialects. An example of such language is Sanskrit.We say that the days in a week like Monday to Sunday was derived from Latin or Greek. This means Sunday is Sun+day, Monday is Moon+day and so on. But Tamil did this calculations a way back. For example, they call sunday as Gnayiru which means sun. Monday as Thingal which means moon, Sevvai as Mars as sevvai means red so Tamil have discovered that Mars is red in colour before eras that English physicists did. Similarly, Velli (Silver) means Venus. This fact says now that Scientists have discovered Silvery blots of dust in Venus before three decades. So when it is named Velli in Tamil, does it say that Tamils used a more efficient method to find this? Arenu2019t they great?SEE CLEARLY THAT ALL THE DIALECTS STANDS FOR SINGLE LETTER FOR EACH ONE SYLLABLE.3. The fact that ozone layer developed a hole above Antarctica was already in-scripted in Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. So it says that there must be a method through which Tamis must have achieved this.4. There is a presence of unique feature no other languages in the world have (except Malayalam a close relative of Tamil) is the presence of letter u2018zhau2019. You can see that in the alphabet chart 5th row, 3rd Column.5. When many Languages struggled even to communicate TAMIL authors developed a book called Tholkappiam, which is the oldest possible book in the world dating 2500 BC. More fascinatingly, it was a Grammar book!! (Ilakkiya Nool) who can publish a book in grammar when other languages were just in trouble to shape out their alphabets?Possible question is IF TAMIL IS SO OLD, THEN WHY DOES A SMALL POPULATION IN INDIA CONSTITUTE THIS?We all knew that there was a very big landmass below India spanning from Madagascar in the centre, to Australia in the south east to India in the south. This landmass was flooded by the Great Indian and Pacific ocean.Astonishingly, when geologists and archaeologists went under sea, they found that all the temples which was sunk was built of Dravidian style like Tamil Nadu, with clear carves of TAMIL ALPHABETS in the walls of the temple. There was enourmous palace for king made in South Tamilian style and river traces which links present Kaviri to Lemuria. With this calamity, the Tamils in Lemuria met their end and ultimately Tamilu2019s population went for a toss! Refer Lemuria/Kumari Kandam in Wikipedia!!
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