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Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act): Any comments on thecontent of this stunning notice of public hearing issued by the IRS?
Mike Emeigh answered clearly and IMHO solid. Ill not expand on that. It is worth noting your W2 form will list your employer health carecontribution this year. Its in box 14 on the form This is done to educate people on the costs of health care insurance. Manypeople think they get this for free or do not understand the cost impact wecurrently see in the US. A similar example where educating people paid off wasthe MPG display seen in newer cars. Those things we measure we improve on andthats the spirit of this. It may also appear in box 12 with the code DD from a comment I got fromMike Form W2 Reporting of EmployerSponsored Health Coverage thanks Without disclosing too much my total expense this year is 14K for familygroup coverage and that includes my contribution as well as the employer one.It has recently been as high as 17K and as low as 12K depending. Thats fora low deductible moderate out of pocket plan likely better than the bronzeoption the IRS is presenting. How affordable coverage will be depends on a lot of things. One primaryinfluence will be whether or not a given State has setup its own exchangesdecided to offer State wide universal care or is just taking the basicfederal mandated options. Lots of variances there. In my State of Oregonweve got Oregon Health Plan and at least two insurers who have registered toprcoverage on the State exchange. Costs are not yet known. In any case if you have good coverage the total contribution toward yourinsurance may well approach 20K depending on where you live group etc...Additionally some people see employer contributions that range from completein that they pay nothing to basically zero where the employee pays it allwith the insurance just being offered as an option. Box 14 will clarify justwhat health care insurance costs. Right now the US pays twice as much as the next most expensive health caresystem in the world France gets worse outcomes exposes those who areinsured to much higher costs and risks and it doesnt even cover anybody.Obama care improves on that somewhat but realistically weve got a lot ofwork to do yet. Universal coverage will do some real damage on access costs and risk exposureper citizen and then we need to start figuring out how to control and reduceand manage delivery costs currently almost completely unaddressed by thecurrent reform legislation. Long way to go folks and it may well get more ugly before it gets better.Weve such a mess that any transition is going to be expensive and or painful.We need to do it though or we will continue to see crippling cost escalationor we will be forced to accept the Dont get sick and if you do get sick diequickly. health care policy vision. That is something I find unacceptable onall fronts.
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